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Alan Rickman's Journal
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Date:2004-07-07 10:29
Subject:[journal post locked to David]


Viggo has fallen ill with something, we aren't sure what. I'm taking him home to his Mother to see if she can help heal him. I willl try to stay in contact with you, but I'm not sure how long this will take or where She is right now.


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Date:2004-03-04 15:22
Mood: confused

Walking into Viggo's study, I stop in the doorway with a stunned look on my face. "Um, love...I just got a call from David's mum...she wants to talk to yours. She's coming here. Did you want to talk to her?"

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Date:2004-01-23 09:53
Mood: annoyed

Alan walks into the living room and looks at the cat curled up in the corner of his sofa. There is definitely an air about it. Turning he walks back toward the stairs, yelling loudly. "EMMA! VIGGO! There's a bloody cat on the damn sofa. Would one of you care to explain please?"

Kiera, Viggo, Emma...feel free to join in this thread.

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Date:2004-01-11 17:41
Subject:Alan and Viggo return to Zid

Alan goes all caveman again.Collapse )

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Date:2003-12-23 13:43
Subject:For Viggo

When I came home today, I realized Viggo had found (or made) the Yule decorations and they were up all over the house. It's perfect. Thankfully, he was not in the living room and I was able to slip his gifts under the tree.

Blessed BeCollapse )

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Date:2003-12-21 10:39
Mood: happy

[journal entry]

I've been watching Viggo carefully lately. I know how prone to depression he is, escpecially at this time of year. I think the decision to stay in Ireland is helping. I even heard the sound of him typing today. It makes a nice accompaniment to the scratch of my pen. It seems as if we are living in a quiet time of creation for both of us. The energy that seems to be flowing between us lately is more than I thought two people could share.

Speaking of things flowing between us...I think I'll go interupt him with some tea...and melted chocolate.

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Date:2003-12-03 15:43
Subject:Viggo and Alan get playful

Gah! My fault, I thought the snowball fight was posted when I wrote Alan's post yesterday, so here it is.

[Unknown LJ tag]

Viggo: *walking outside in the moonlight, smiling as the snowflakes catch in my hair, my eyelashes, stick to my clothes... there's several inches of snow on the ground already, and it's beginning to fall again, hard*

Alan: *I walk out the door and follow your tracks through the snow. It's chill, but the snow falling is gorgeous. I miss the winter in New Zealand where it's summer now it strikes me as rather sad.

Viggo: *stopping under the trees near the edge of the forest where the ground is sheltered from the snow, I put out food for the birds and small animals, scattering it along the ground. I've missed the snow....the winters here... they're so beautiful*

Alan: *Walks up behind you, leaning agaisnt a tree as I watch. I never should have let you go to New Zealand. Goddess you look beautiful. //I love you//'

Viggo: *picking up a handful of snow before I stand up... turning, I fling it and hit you square in the chest* //Love you, too// *grins*

Alan: HEY! *he looks at the snow on my chest and bends down to pick up some snow and throw it back.* Warn a man or something.

Viggo: Where's the fun in that? *bends down for more snow and forms it into a ball before tossing it at you*

Alan: *catches it mid air and throws it back* I don't know. Throwing snow is fun?

Viggo: Of course. *grins and pelts you with another one, making sure it hits this time*

Alan: *shakes the snow out of my hair and growls softly* A snowball fight is it? *maikes a snow ball and throws it, then follows it by tackling you to the snow*

Viggo: *falls down, laughing, as you tackle me, breath slightly knocked out of me, but gods, I feel better than I have in weeks*

Alan: Lady bless it's good to hear you laughing again. *kisses your chin* I can't rell you how much I have missed that sound.

Viggo: This'll sound stupid, but... the snow helped, I think. *smiles* When I woke up and it was all white outside, and still snowing...

Alan: I know. I miss the weather at times. It seems odd when it's summer there and I expect winter. *nuzzles at your throat*

Viggo: I think part of my homesickness was for the snow... I wanted the cold, and the snow...

Alan: *grabs and handful of snow and rubs it into your hair* THere you go. Snow. *grinning madly I kiss your nose*

Viggo: *grabs my own handful of snow and shoves it down your collar* Yes... lovely snow. *laughs*

Alan: *shudders and wraps my arms around you* You will pay for that later love. *grins and rubs my nose over yours* I know where you sleep.

Viggo: Mhmmm. I'm frightened. *kisses you deeply* Terrified, really. *grins*

Alan: *chuckles soflty against your lips* I can tell. *kisses down your throat* We should go in, that melting snow is cold.

Viggo: Yes, and I know how fragile you are, wouldn't want you catching pneumonia. *rolls eyes, laughing*

Alan: You want some snow on that too pretty face of yours love? *laughing, I scoop up a handfull and looks down at you. &*

Viggo: I think that's all I've wanted for the last month or so. *chuckles* It's not supposed to be hot this time of year. It's just...wrong. *grins*

Alan: *sits up* Yes, it is. I feel all backwards or something.

Viggo: Do you think that could be part of my problem?

Alan: You know...it might be. Feeling like the world is backwards isn't easy. Especially for someone like you who is so attuned to the Eath's rhythms. *I shake my head* Sorry , love, I didn't even t hink of that.

Viggo: Or it could be that I'm just old and set in my ways, and it's supposed to be cold in November. *smiles*

Alan: Well yes, but I think my theory more likely. *poulls you between my legs and wraps my arms around your waist so your back is to my chest* You scared the shit out of me you know.

Viggo: *softly* I'm sorry... *leans back against you* And I'm still not going to swear that I'm better, because I'm not, not completely... but I do feel a lot better

Alan: I know and it's okay. *kisses the side of your neck* I'm just glad to know the real you is still in there somehwere.

Viggo: I was.... so scared, Alan... it was like... being trapped under water, unable to break the surface...

Alan: *holds you tighter and kisses the back of your neck* It's okay. I'm here. I'll always be here.

Viggo: I know. Thank you for that. *smiles*

Alan: You're very welcome. Ready to go back insdie?

Viggo: I guess so. For some reason, I'm sort of damp. *chuckles and brushes away snow*

Alan: Gee, I wonder why. *mock innocent* Let

Alan: s go then *stands and offers youa hand*

Viggo: *lets you help me up and follows you into the house, where it's very warm*

Alan: Feel like some hot cocoa? Maybe with some Bailey's or Amaretto?

Viggo: Hot cocoa sounds nice. *smiles*

Alan: Sit, I'll get it. *walks into the kitchenand putters around making cocoa*

Viggo: *sits on the couch, taking off my wet shirt* *pulls a throw over myself, snuggling up in it, getting warm*

Alan: *returns shortly with hot cocoa on a tray and sets it down on the coffe table before joining you on the sofa* Cold love?

Viggo: A little. Better now, really. *leans against you, resting my head on your shoulder*

Alan: *kisses the top of your head* Good. Love you Vig. *wraps my arms around you and pulls you into my lap*

Viggo: Love you too. *smiles and kisses you softly*

Alan: *sighs and rests my head against yours just happy to be with you*

Viggo: *softly* I've missed this

Alan: Me too. *moves away enough to take off my wet shirt then lays down on my side and tugs you back so your back is against my chest*

Viggo: *arranges the blanket around both of us and relaxes against you again* I'm so glad I've got you, Alan. Don't know what I'd do without you

Alan: Neither do I. I do'nt think I even remember a time when I didn't have you around. *kisses the back of your neck*

Viggo: I think we just got complacent and took it for granted that we'd always be around each other, didn't we? Why it took me moving to New Zealand to make us realize what was between us, I'll never know

Alan: Wasn't just you. I didn't exactly see it either. *reaches for your hand and tangles our fingers together*

Viggo: I'm just glad that we finally saw it, period

Alan: *laughs softly* Me too, I was getting ready to bean you on the back of the head with a board.

Viggo: *blinks* You mean you figured it out before I did?

Alan: *laughs* Yes, a few years ago, but I thought you didn't share that, so I never said anything.

Viggo: You should have. *snuggles against you*

Alan: Well...if I had known, I would have. *kisses the back of your neck*

Viggo: I loved you for years...even if I didn't say it.

Alan: See...you should have. *rubs slow circles on your stomach* I've always loved you Vig, just didn't knwo i was in love with you.

Viggo: Actually... now that I think about it, I told you I loved you quite a lot..... just... yeah, like you said...didn't know I was *in* love

Alan: Well, now we both know, so we can just move forward. *moves my hand lower to cup your cock through your pants*

Viggo: *moans softly and melts against you, instinctively pressing against your hand*

Alan: Vig...I love you. *kisses your cheek and gently moves my hand over you* So much

Viggo: I love you too, Alan... there'll never be anyone else.

Alan: For me either love. *nuzzles the back of your neck, inhaling deeply* Ready for bed? I have some rather nefarious plans for you.

Viggo: Bed sounds good.

Alan: *smiles and t ransports us there so we end up nude and in our bed* Damn...forgot the clothes again.*grins* I should really work on that.

Viggo: Yeah, you should. *chuckles* *eyes locking with yours as my hands move over your body* So...now that you have me, what, exactly, are you going to do with me?

Alan: Have my way with you of course. *covers your body with mine and pulls the blankets up over us*

...the light cuts out and all you peeping toms are denied. muahahahaah

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Date:2003-12-02 11:57
Mood: worried

Viggo seems better now than he has in weeks. After our snowball fight a few nights ago, he has even come down voluntarily for dinner more than once. I worry about him, these depressions that take him. All his life I have watched them steal over him, but now it seems more personal, closer to me and I find myself having trouble dealing with it.

I don't want to push him away, but I fear my own frustration with it gets the best of me at times. I just feel so fucking helpless, powerless. What fucking good is it to be able to do the things I can when I can't manage to help the man I love?

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Date:2003-10-28 13:43
Mood: accomplished

to be backdated later

Alan wanders around the music room lighting the candles. He could do it magically, but this seems more appropriate. The cushions and pillow were created magically, after all, he didn't have that much spare time to plan for Viggo's birthday.

When the last candle was lit, he checked the tuning on his violin once more then set it beside the pillow.

//Vig? Need you in my study please.//

opening for chat that will get done...um...sometime *G*

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Date:2003-08-28 13:25
Mood: worried

The new moon approaches. This is our first one since we began living together and I can already see the slight changes in Viggo. Little irritations blown out of proportion, increasing irritability. I hate seeing what this does to him, how it affects him, but there is no hope for it yet. I won't stop looking for ways to reverse this curse, but my hope for ever finding one grows slim after so many centuries of looking.

I hate seeing him suffering because it hurts me as well. Who would have thought that after so long together we would finally find love?

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